Criminal Justice Center (CJC)

The Criminal Justice Center Detention Facility, a Direct Supervision Facility, opened in August of 1988 as a Medium/Minimum Security Detention Center.

Originally built with a total bed space of 384, the facility had to be double bunked to keep pace with the growth of the inmate population. The double bunking areas, where applicable created a total of 735 beds, thereby increasing the total maximum number of manageable inmates to 588.

The average inmate count in 2002 was 805 inmates with the highest month's average count at 896 inmates (July 2002). This has lead to housing inmates in the unsecured areas of housing units leading to safety and security issues. The inmate population, as a whole, continues to grow as El Paso County grows creating stress on the infrastructure this community has come to rely upon. Certain segments of the inmate population continue to increase faster then other segments as well, which increases stress in the affected housing units. One example is the female inmate population that averaged 129 inmates per day in 2002. This unit was designed for a maximum of 94 inmates.

In July of 2003, a Minimum Security Unit (MSU) was opened in the converted Evidence Facility. Capable of handing 200 minimum security inmates, the MSU is already relieving the strain on services CJC is experiencing. The MSU will remain open until the expansion of CJC is completed in 2005. This expansion of 864 beds will increase the ability of CJC to meet the needs of the community for many years to come and will ensure that CJC can continue to deliver the same level of services the community has come to expect. In order to properly steward the money used for establishing MSU, the equipment used to convert the Evidence Building to the MSU will be removed from the MSU and installed in the CJC expansion at the appropriate time.

In a continuous effort to increase morale of the employees, the shifts at CJC were adjusted to increase the available staff during peak load times. This has allowed most of the staff to choose the shift and duty days they desired, while increasing the staffing when it is needed most.

A state of the art digitized camera system, installed in 2001, gives the staff another tool to help monitor the inmate population. This camera system helps to maintain order and discipline because the inmates are well aware their behavior is being recorded/monitored.

CJC is committed to Community Oriented Policing and is a popular facility to tour because of its design. Many facilities have been modeled after the design of CJC because of its successful operations. If you would like to tour the Criminal Justice Center, feel free to call us at (719) 390-2106 to schedule the tour.

In 2002, the Criminal Justice Center continued the program for juvenile female offenders, and those who want to explore the Criminal Justice field. This program is titled "Jail Jolt" and introduced 169 participants to female inmates who are committed to educating the youth so they don't follow them down the same path. This program is very successful and allows the teenagers to see how decisions they make today will affect the future of their lives. Sobering, yet empathetic, this program has shown significant positive impact in the participant's lives with a strong indication of a very small percentage of recidivism.



Total Number of
Prisoner Admits in

Total Number of
Prisoner Releases in


Average Length of
Stay for Inmates in
2001 (in days):

Male 21.0
Female 9.0

Percentage of Inmates
Classified in 2002:

Minimum Security = 77%
Low/Medium Security = 10%
High/Medium Security = 6%
Maximum Security = 7%

Total Inmates Classified = 10,529

Incidents (by charge):

Class I Offenses: 106
Class II Offenses: 544
Class III Offenses: 579
Class IV Offenses: 74
Non-Disciplinary: 1451


Professional and Public: 30,019


Sheets, Towels, Inmate Uniforms
issued: 57,894

Blankets: 14,474


Meals Served: 872,178
Average per day: 2,390

Bureau Chief
Paula Presley

Civil Office
(719) 520-7144
(719) 390-2000
(719) 390-5555
(719) 520-7171
Front Desk
(719) 520-7100
Crime Reduction Unit
(719) 520-7283
Warrant Information
(719) 390-2248
(719) 520-7155
(719) 520-7151
Additional #'s

Regular Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm