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Detention Bureau:

On behalf of the 440 plus employees assigned to the Detention Bureau, I welcome you to our respective web pages. Our goal in the Detention Bureau is to maintain a safe, secure environment at the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) and the Metro Work Release Facility (MWRF) for those incarcerated. We strive to provide opportunities for inmates to obtain the necessary discipline, skills and therapy through a multi-systemic approach including substance abuse and anger management programs, progressive/regressive classification system, and the Reintegration and Recovery Program, to successfully return to their communities once released.

CJC houses all individuals arrested on felony and misdemeanor charges by all law enforcement agencies in El Paso County. The inmates housed at CJC are pre-trial and/or sentenced to the El Paso County Jail or Department of Corrections. The overall average length of stay for inmates incarcerated in CJC is 27 days and more than 50% of the inmates in CJC are sentenced on or facing felony charges. CJC is also a contract holding facility for several state and federal agencies to include Colorado State Parole, Department of Corrections, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), military installations, and the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

The Detention Bureau is comprised of two (2) Divisions, Operation and Security. The Security Division is responsible for housing and supervision of the 1500 plus inmates in CJC and MWRF on a daily basis as well as Standards and Compliance and a portion of the Facility and Offender Management Section, responsible for inspections and providing supplies. The Standards and Compliance Section is responsible for maintaining accreditation through the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) as well as maintaining policies and procedures that direct operations within the Detention Bureau. The Operation Division encompasses the Intake and Inmate Services, Court Services Sections, and a portion of the Facility and Offender Management Section, responsible for alternative sentencing programs such as Work Release and the Reintegration and Recovery program. The Intake and Inmate Services Section is responsible for the booking and releasing of inmates from the facilities, classification screening and placement, inmate court file maintenance, bookkeeping and warrant processing. The Court Services Section is responsible for the safe transport and security of all inmates at CJC to and from court.

The Detention Bureau is a necessary and valuable component of the criminal justice system and El Paso County. We continuously strive to maintain a professional environment while maintaining the highest correctional standards in a state of the art facility. Please enjoy the Detention Bureau web pages and feel free to contact any of the dedicated and professional men and women of the Detention Bureau, which is located at 2739 East Las Vegas Street. The front desk phone number is 719-390-2000.

- Bureau Chief Joe Breister

The Criminal Justice Center

The Detention Bureau is located on the west side of East Las Vegas Street. The address is 2739 East Las Vegas Street. The front desk phone number is 719-390-2000.

Criminal Justice Center - Quick Phone Number Reference
General Information (719) 390-2000
Court and Transport (719) 520-7104
Court Warrant Information (719) 452-5000, option #6
Detention Bureau Investigators (719) 390-2123
Detox Facility (719) 390-2046
Inmate Classification (719) 390-2123
Intake/Release (719) 390-2151
Intake/Release Fax (719) 390-2148
Inmate Property (719) 390-2158
Inmate Visitation (719) 390-2373
Medical Records (719) 390-2165
Personal Recognizance Bond (719) 390-2061
Work Release Coordinator (719) 390-2288
Work Release (719) 520-7123

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