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Security Division:

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Detention Bureau, Security Division, is responsible for the direct supervision of the ever increasing inmate population at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center. The Criminal Justice Center houses in excess of 1,500 inmates daily. The average daily population (ADP) for males and females incarcerated during 2012 was 1,380. (212-Females and 1,168-Males) The inmates are housed in one of 23 wards within the Criminal Justice Center. Each ward houses between 27 and 94 inmates. All but two of the 23 wards are regularly staffed with a single deputy. The two wards housing those inmates who have demonstrated assaultive/disruptive behavior while incarcerated are staffed with two deputies. The deputy to inmate ratio averages 1-deputy to every 52-inmates

Deputies and Detention Specialists assigned to the Detention Security Division are responsible for maintaining custody and control over the inmate population. They work in a direct supervision mode which means they are inside the ward with the inmates and walk amongst the inmates throughout the day in the performance of their assigned duties and responsibilities. There are no bars or other barriers that separate the staff from the inmate population. The direct supervision method allows the deputies to manage the wards by walking around and communicating with the inmates to prevent incidents from occurring rather than responding to events that have already occurred. Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and quiet environment for the inmate population as well as the employees in the performance of their duties.

The Criminal Justice Center is commonly referred to as a small city. We are self sufficient with all food preparation and laundry services being completed on site. Civilian contractors and inmate labor complete most tasks related to these functions. Our Medical Section is capable of performing most medical and dental procedures. When inmates require hospitalization, they are transported to the appropriate medical facility under the guard of the deputies.

The Detention Security Division provides professional and personal visitation by way of the Video Visitation Center and visitation monitors located inside the secure perimeter of the Criminal Justice Center. The Video Visitation Center and the CJC Front Desk are staffed with civilian personnel who facilitate the visitation process. The Sheriff’s Office is very supportive of the visitation program. We understand the importance of maintaining family ties during periods of incarceration and encourage the families of our inmate population to take advantage of this important opportunity.

Video Visitation Center Information

For more information on the Visitation Process, please use this link (click here) to access the Visitation Page or call the Video Visitation Center at (719) 390-2373 to obtain information on the modified visitation schedule.

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