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Special Response Team:

During times of crisis or unrest, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office calls upon the Special Response Team (SRT) to bring things under control within the Detention Facilities. The SRT is an integral part of the overall security posture of the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) with the primary mission of assisting the floor security deputies with maintaining peace within the CJC facility. The SRT consists of a select group of highly motivated well trained deputies who volunteer for the secondary duty of assignment to the SRT and are subject to be activated anytime of the day or night.

The testing, selection, and SRT Basic Academy requirements are extremely demanding and test the academic, physical, and mental abilities of the candidates. The selection process is open to all deputies who have completed new hire probation and are in good standing within the Sheriff’s Office. Upon graduation from the SRT Basic Academy, the candidates become full team members and undergo advanced training in the areas of cell extractions, riot control, high risk mental health transports, and a myriad of other mission related training as well as Special Weapons and Tactics related topics to be implemented when providing support for the Law Enforcement Bureau SWAT Team.

The Special Response Team can be counted on to maintain a high level of readiness and to respond to all calls for emergency assistance both inside and outside the Detention Center. The SRT Motto is as follows:

"Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever”

SRT Team Photograph

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