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Visiting the Criminal Justice Center (CJC)

Attention All Visitors

The following information will guide you through the process for scheduling visitation and will also provide valuable information on how to access our phone scheduling system.

Our goal is to provide quality service to you, the public, and enable you to schedule a visitation time that is more convenient to your schedule, family and social lifestyles. Your patience and cooperation are always appreciated.


The Visitor Center is located at: 2727 East Las Vegas Street.

All visitors are required to park in the designated visitor parking lot. The main entrance of the visitation center is directly adjacent to the parking lot.

All visits will be conducted over a video visitation system utilizing televised monitors and telephones.

The following information is provided to enable you, the public, to know and understand our rules, regulations and requirements. Should you have any unanswered questions, please call the general information number (719) 390-2000, 24 hours a day for assistance.

Visitation Days and Times

All visitors will be required to schedule their visits two days in advance of the day they wish to visit. Visitation in most wards is determined by the first letter of the last name of the inmate. Inmates whose last names begin with the letters A-L are allowed visits on odd numbered days. Inmates whose names begin with the letters M-Z are allowed visits on even numbered days. Inmates with hyphenated names will be allowed visits based on the first letter of the first part of the name. For example: Inmate Vargas-Garcia would receive visits on even-numbered days because his last name begins with a V.

The alphabetized system does not apply to inmates who are housed in our Progressive/Regressive Classification Wards. These inmates may receive visits on odd or even days but are limited in the number of visits they can have weekly and the time of day at which they are available for visits. More information on wards (A1, A2, A3, C1, C2, D1 and B4) is available in hand out form at the Video Visitation Center.

Visitation Hours:

8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

During the Day Shift, the last visit will start at 1:15 P.M and end at 1:45 P.M. During the Swing Shift, the last visit will start at 8:30 P.M. and end at 9:00 P.M.

Visitor Scheduling:

To complete your visitor scheduling, please complete the following steps:

Call 719-390-2373 to schedule your visitation time. Do not call the general information number to schedule visits. We accept calls between the hours of 8:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. and 4:00 P.M and 8:30 P.M.

To schedule your visit, you must call no more or no less than, 2 days in advance of the inmates’ scheduled visitation days as detailed above.

Please Note: On the months that have 31 days, the visitation center will be closed on the 31st. Odd day visitors will need to schedule for the 1st of the following month on the 29th and even day visitors will need to schedule for the 2nd of the following month on the 30th.

When you call to schedule a visit, you must provide the Security Technician with the following information:

  • Who you want to visit (please provide the inmate’s complete name and the correct spelling of their name)
  • What date and time do you wish to visit? PLEASE NOTE: If the date and time that you are requesting is full, you will be advised to make another selection (time and/or date)
  • Provide all the adult visitors’ complete names. You are limited to only three (3) persons per visit. This includes all children under the age of 18 (Others will be required to wait for you outside)
  • Provide the number of children or babies that you will be bringing with you to your visit

At times the volume of incoming calls exceeds our available resources. Our staff works quickly and diligently to accommodate the needs of each visitor. If you experience difficulty getting through by phone, please be patient and call back. It is very helpful if you have all the required information immediately available when you are scheduling a visit. Calls to the Video Visitation Center may be recorded to ensure customer service, as well as the continued safety and security of the staff and facility.

Due to the high volume of visitors and our limited number of visiting booths, we can not allow you to schedule multiple visits for the same inmate. Our goal is to provide all callers with the opportunity to schedule a visit. You can however, schedule multiple visits (No more than 2) for different inmates on the same day, if they are members of your immediate family and if they have the same visitation day. For example: A parent can visit two children on the same day, if they have the same visitation day. Immediate family is defined as parents, children, or siblings.

Frequently Asked Questions:


No. In order to accommodate all visitors, you will not be allowed to visit the same inmate more than once per day. You can however, schedule to visit up to two (2) different inmates on the same day, if they are members of your immediate family and if they have the same visitation day.


At least 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled visitation.


If you arrive late for your visit, you will be allowed the balance of your time up to 15-minutes. If you are more than 15-minutes late for your visit, you will be required to reschedule. We will not adjust your scheduled visitation time.


You will check in with the visitation center staff and provide them with your picture identification card, driver’s license, military ID or passport. Your scheduled visit will be confirmed and you will be assigned a visitation booth. If you have not properly scheduled your visit in advance, you will not be allowed to visit. Your identification card will be returned to you prior to your scheduled visit.


You will be directed to a visitation booth. Please go to that assigned booth and have a seat. When your visit starts, you will pick up the attached phone to communicate with the inmate you are visiting.


You will have approximately 30 minutes to visit. When your time has elapsed, the visitation monitor will automatically shut off indicating that your visit is over. You must then exit the visitation area.


We do not accept money at the Video Visitation Center. To leave money for deposit to an inmate’s account, you will be required to deliver it to the transaction window in the main lobby at CJC. Video Visitation staff will not provide any information regarding the inmates’ account balance.

Video Visitation Center - Rules for Visitation

  • No food, gum or beverages allowed in the Visitation Center.
  • Only necessary items may be brought into the building. Extra items should be secured in a vehicle or left at home.
  • Proper Identification is required to visit. Proper identification must include your full name, a photo and date of birth. If we can not ensure your identity, we will not allow you to visit at our facility.
  • Visitors exhibiting loud or disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the facility and forfeit the remainder of their allotted visitation time.
  • Adult visitors must control their minor children.
  • Visitors will be allowed only one visit per day unless they have two immediate family members (mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter) incarcerated at the same time. Proof of relationship is the responsibility of the visitor.
  • Visits will be limited to three (3) visitors to include children.
  • Visitors must be 18 years old or older unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Spouses under the age of 18 will be permitted when they provide a form of ID and a marriage license.
  • Visits may be scheduled in person or by phone. You may not schedule a visit for friends or family members.
  • Late arrivals are only entitled to the balance of their scheduled time up to 15-minutes. If you arrive more than 15-minutes late, you will be asked to reschedule your visit. We will not adjust your scheduled visit time.
  • You will be allowed to maintain possession of your cell phone while visiting in our Visitation Center as long as the ringer is muted. If however, the phone becomes a distraction (Used to take pictures, loud conversations, rings repeatedly) you will be asked to leave.

DRESS CODE for the Video Visitation Center is as follows and applies to both male and female visitors:

Visitors to the Video Visitation Center must be properly dressed to ensure the orderly operation of the Visitation Center and the Detention Facility. Pants/Shorts and Dresses/Skirts must be sufficient in size and length to cover the wearer in an appropriate manner. Shirts must cover the stomach, back, chest and shoulders of both male and female visitors. Clothing may not be sheer, see-through or torn in a manner that would allow for viewing of intimate body parts or undergarments. Hats and caps will not be worn while inside the Video Visitation Center. Clothing primarily designed as an undergarment may NOT be worn as an outer garment.

Visitors observed or reported lifting or arranging their clothing in order to expose themselves to their visitor will be asked to leave the Video Visitation Center immediately and may be subject to a ban from future visitation.

Your cooperation in complying with these standards is appreciated and is necessary to help maintain a professional and pleasant environment for everyone using the facility. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office hopes to foster a family friendly environment at the Video Visitation Center.

Video Visitation Address:

Video Visitation Center
2727 East Las Vegas
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone Number: (719) 390-2373

Inmate Mail:

To send mail to an inmate, use the following format:

Inmate's Name

El Paso County Sheriff's Office

2739 E. Las Vegas

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Inmate Accounts:

Money may be deposited for an inmate during their incarceration.

ONLY money orders or cashier's checks will be accepted.

Make all payments to the order of:

Inmates Name/EPSO JAIL

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