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Support Division:

This Division consists of the Standards and Compliance Section and the Facility and Offender Management Section.

Standards and Compliance Section is composed of the American Correctional Association / Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation Unit and Standard Operation Procedure Management. This section consists of sworn and civilian personnel who review the proofs of compliance documentation for detention and law enforcement standards and ensure the Sheriff’s Office is in compliance.

Facility and Offender Management Section is composed of civilian and sworn personnel who are responsible for providing supplies and conducting inspections of the Criminal Justice Center and providing laundry services to the inmate population. This section is responsible for the coordination of inmate alternative sentencing programs such as work release and the reintegration and recovery program.

Gateways through the Rockies is committed to providing carefully selected, non-violent inmates with a rigorous and comprehensive program of education, counseling, work experience, social skills, training and post release support. The Sheriff’s Office goal is to return inmates to society as productive members of the community.

The Detention Support Division is responsible for managing contracted services such as food service and medical providers.

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