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Gateway Through The Rockies:

Since 1996 the EPSO Gateways Program, a non-taxpayer self-supported program, has provided effective educational and therapeutic programming, re-entry support and employable work experiences though community based business partnerships with the goal of having a positive personal impact on criminal offenders, significantly reducing crime in El Paso and its surrounding counties, and saving its taxpayers money that would have been spent on policing and re-incarceration.

Since 1996 the EPSO Gateways Program, the percentage of participant re-offenders has remained below 40%. In light of a published article by the Bureau of Justice Statistics of a fifteen-State study indicating that 67.5% of released inmates are rearrested within three years, this indicates a successful annual reduction of nearly 28% in recidivism rates for Gateways Program participants for nearly twelve years.

The EPSO Gateways Program has offered 1,706 inmates the opportunity to voluntarily participate in the educational/therapeutic/work experience program.

During Phase I of the Gateways Program, the adult participants attend didactic psycho-educational classroom offerings. The classroom curriculum includes a cognitive-behavioral approach to domestic abuse, anger management, substance abuse recovery and relapse prevention, parenting and relationship skills, job-seeking and employment skills, and post-release short-term and long-term life goals.

The Gateways treatment service provider utilizes the five critical components of effective treatment, as indicated by the National Institute of Drug Abuse and Domestic violence: (1) assessment; (2) patient-treatment matching; (3) comprehensive services; (4) relapse prevention; and (5) accountability.

Gateways participants successfully completing Phase I of the Program move to Phase II, and are eligible for work experiences at various supervised sites off the grounds of the Criminal Justice Center at one of the Gateways community partners of public agency and private sector businesses.

Over the years, the Gateways participants and staff have worked approximately 518,139 hours at the various business partnership sites yielding approximately $4,670,270.50 in revenue, contributing approximately $925,220.00 to the El Paso County’s general fund to assist in funding county services. The revenue earned has completely supported all of the financial needs of the EPSO Gateways Program including all of the program and clinical staff salaries and truckloads of supplies. In addition, the participants earned $1,200,858.00 in wages, paid $91,865.64 in FICA taxes, and $229,875.91 to the Fourth Judicial District Victim Compensation Fund for fines, court costs, and/or donations to victims. The net earnings are posted to the inmates’ jail accounts, and have averaged approximately $1000.00 for each 120-day period of program participation.

The Gateways participants also performed 16,121 hours of community service work, which included the collection of 3800 garbage bags of trash along 58 miles of roadways in El Paso County, assisted with EPCJ facility and grounds up-keep, and assisted with the EPSO Law Enforcement community clean-up project.

View the Business Development and Marketing Plan (.pdf) for Gateway Through the Rockies.

Gateway Through the Rockies solicits your support and participation in this community-based project. For more information please contact the Gateway Office at (719) 390-2129.

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