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Work Release:

The mission of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Work Release Program is to provide non-violent inmates with minor criminal offenses an opportunity to continue employment. Individuals participating in the Work Release Program are able to pay restitution for their crimes, and continue supporting their families while being incarcerated.

Any county may provide a program whereby any person sentenced to the county jail upon conviction for a crime, nonpayment of any fine or forfeiture, or contempt of court may be granted by the court the privilege of leaving the jail during necessary and reasonable hours for various purposes. Authority for this program is pursuant to authorization from the State Legislature in CRS 18-1.3-106.

In March 2007, a 14,000 square foot tent was erected outside the Criminal Justice Center. The tent which was designated as the Work Release Facility and was built to allow for the continuation of this much needed sentencing option and to help alleviate over crowding within CJC which hit record numbers in January 2007. The Work Release Facility is used for sleeping purposes when individuals return from their places of employment. All individuals sentenced to Work Release sentences are released at 7 am and must return to the facility by 7 pm.

Since April 17, 2007, 1277 citizens have participated in the Work Release Program which allows these individuals to continue their employment while supporting their families. Upon successful completion of 75% of the sentenced days, individuals initially sentenced to Work Release have the opportunity to be placed on Non Custodial Work Release status.

Non Custodial Work release allows the individual to live at home while still being monitored with the aid of a Global Positioning System. Non Custodial Work Release is monitored by Community Corrections, ComCor Inc. An additional 330 citizens were transferred from CJC Work Release Program to Non Custodial Work Release during this period of time.

We had 230 participants sentenced to Work Release but were not eligible due to current Work Release Policy. 282 participants were revoked from the program due to policy violations and out of these 52 were re-instated. Over the course of the year 909 participants successfully completed the program for a 70% success rate or for every 10 citizens sentenced to work release 7 successfully completed the program. Both Custodial and Non Custodial Work Release Programs is offender paid which is a savings to the citizens of our community.

The future of our Work Release Program in 2008 will extend beyond the Criminal Justice Center with the renovation of the Metro Facility which will open in June 2008 and allow for up to 350 participants.

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