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County Animal Response Team (CART):

Community Animal Response Team (CART): is an all-volunteer team comprised of citizens from El Paso and Teller Counties. Members are trained to perform animal (pet and livestock) rescue, evacuation, and sheltering operations during emergencies and disasters. This team is composed of volunteers that are dedicated to the safety and well-being of pets and livestock that require evacuation and/or sheltering during emergencies. Additionally, during extended utility outages (usually due to heavy snow or ice), CART members will assist in the moving of water, and potentially feed, to livestock once roads are opened. CART members are trained in animal handling, animal rescue, and animal sheltering operations and will be required to operate as part of a 2-4 person team when activated by the County Emergency Manager. The Teams are divided into large animal and small animal teams. CART members can be trained for both teams. Volunteers must be willing to attend numerous training sessions and events to become a certified CART member. Most training is conducted during weekends and in the evenings.

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