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Hazardous Materials Response Team:

Hazardous materials are present in every community in the country. Over 800,000 shipments of these materials occur daily and over 80,000 chemicals are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

El Paso County Sheriff's Office Hazardous Materials Team responds to all hazardous material incidents occurring in unincorporated El Paso County, such a chemical and gas spills and methamphetamine labs including decontamination of exposed persons.

The Hazmat Team is currently comprised of 34 members including the Deputy County Fire Marshal and the Assistant Deputy County Fire Marshal, 28 Sheriff’s Deputies and 6 volunteers. The team trains on the last Friday of each month.

With the growth of El Paso County, The Hazmat Team is continually training to keep proficient with both local and federal standards.

Meth Lab Seizures

For more information about methamphetamine lab seizures in El Paso County please click here. This information is provided by the Metro Vice/Narcotics/Intelligence Division (Metro VNI).

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