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Metro VNI:

The Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Section is a multi-agency task force involving law enforcement partnerships between the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Springs Police Department, 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Teller County Sheriff’s Office, Fountain Police Department and the Woodland Park Police Department. Metro VNI is comprised of Street Impact Teams, an Intelligence Team and Liquor Enforcement Unit.

The street narcotics teams are designed to investigate the illegal sale, possession, distribution and manufacturing of illegally controlled substances within the 4th Judicial District, which includes El Paso and Teller counties. Additionally these teams are responsible for investigating vice related crimes and activities. They conduct undercover vice investigations occurring at massage parlors, escort services and other areas frequented by prostitutes, which affect the quality of life in our community.

Street Impact Teams also investigate crimes involving the fraud and deceit of prescription medications. This includes any means to procure the administration of a controlled substance by fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation, to include the forgery or altercation of an order, script, or by the use of a false name or address.

El Paso and Teller Counties are experiencing prescription fraud abuse involving fraudulent prescriptions, doctor shoppers, and theft from individuals as well as pharmacy burglaries. Doctor shopping is visiting many doctors to acquire large amounts of controlled substances, which require a doctor’s prescription to obtain. Metro VNI has been proactive in its approach to this ever increasing crime by partnering with DEA Diversion investigators, doctors and pharmacies through our Pharmacy Alert Program. This program alerts and educates pharmacies, doctors and other businesses on how to protect themselves from prescription fraud and identifies individuals active in this practice.

There has also been a significant increase in juvenile abuse of prescription medications as well as active sharing of medications at what are commonly referred to as “Pharm Party’s”. The majority of the medications being obtained by teens are coming from their own homes. It is important for parents to keep track of all their medications and keep them secure.

Though the number of meth labs has decreased over the past several years, Metro VNI continues to aggressively investigate all complaints involving clandestine methamphetamine labs in our community. Metro VNI also continues to take an active role in educating the community on the dangers surrounding meth labs, as well as, identifying the various products and apparatus used to produce methamphetamine. Metro VNI maintains a web site of unmitigated meth lab sites investigated at: Colorado Springs Police Department - Metro VNI. To schedule a meth lab presentation for your group or organization please call: (719) 444-7513.

The Intelligence Unit is committed to developing, analyzing, enhancing and disseminating criminal intelligence to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with emphasis on Homeland Security crimes. The Intelligence Unit also includes liquor enforcement, whose members investigate all violations of the state liquor laws and codes, as well as, conducting compliance audits of the 860 license liquor establishments located within El Paso County.

To report the presence of a meth lab or other suspected narcotics or vice related crimes or activities, please contact Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence at (719) 444-7766, the Narcotics Hotline at (719) 444-3111, or CRIMESTOPPERS at (719) 634STOP.

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