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Dispatcher of the Year:

  2012 Dispatcher of the Year: Kyla Gingrich

In 2011, I worked with Kyla on swing shift and there never was a time I didn't have complete faith in her leadership. She is calm, professional and always in control of whatever situation she was presented. Kyla is a strong example of the type of dispatcher we should all strive to be.

As a call-taker, Kyla is remarkably calm, knowledgeable and reassuring in stressful circumstances. On October 22, 2011 she took a call from a man at 15120 N Ellicott Highway who was reporting a shooting. He said he had shot an intruder and was refusing to render medical aid. Several times during the call, he is heard to taunt the man that he shot as he lay dying. Kyla remained very calm throughout the call and gained valuable officer safety information for the responding deputies and medical personnel as they arrived on scene.

Kyla also took a fully engulfed structure fire at 1340 Upper Sun Valley Lane on December 13, 2011. The callers were people who had recently moved into the home and were now watching it burn down. Kyla was remarkably compassionate and caring throughout the call, while at the same time making sure the residents kept themselves at a safe distance from the fire. She remained on the line, updating the progress of the fire for the fire dispatcher and making sure the residents weren't injured until the volunteer fire departments from Cascade and Green Mountain Falls arrived on scene.

As a dispatcher, Kyla always knows exactly what is happening and is the first person to jump into a situation to help out. She will often take it upon herself to enter missing persons and start phone pings for those in danger without prompting when she is on a channel 1 backup or fire position. Kyla is amazingly proficient on channel 1. I remember watching her as a trainee and thinking how easy she made it look. There are many of us new people who look up to her as an example of conduct and professionalism. I know that many deputies feel safe under her supervision.

Kyla is an excellent supervisor. She is always quick to credit coworkers with positive log events for teamwork and a job well done. Even when she has negative feedback for you, she helps you understand what you did wrong and make corrections so it isn't a repeat mistake. Kyla always maintains a compassionate open ear and an open mind if her coworkers are having a bad day or took a bad call and need to talk about it.

Kyla is a credit to this organization and sets a standard of conduct we can be proud of. – Jocelyn Darbyshire, ESD I

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