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Communications - Commendations:

Excerpts from personnel commendations:

“The doctor stated that without the intervention of the family and the dispatcher that her husband would not have survived. Mrs. Scholtka was extremely impressed with Supervisor Hess, the fire department and the ambulance company. She expressed that Supervisor Hess was instrumental in saving her husbands life.”

The actions of ESD Supervisor Michelle Hess are a tribute to the professionalism and quality of service provided to our community. Supervisor Hess will receive an “exemplary” review for her outstanding handling of this call from the 9-1-1 Authority as well as a cardio pulmonary resuscitation life saving pen. Supervisor Hess’s actions are a testament to the 1st responder and the life saving skills provided. Thank you for an outstanding job!

Emergency Service Dispatcher II Lisa Corrigan received a telephone call from a 14-year old male stating that his sister had been accidentally shot with an arrow.

ESD Corrigan initiated the emergency medical dispatch protocol, providing clear and concise directions to the young man to control the bleeding. Throughout the call ESD Corrigan calmed the young man, keeping him focused on the emergency.

Acknowledging ESD Kyla Gingrich, Deputy Romero states: “You have made two of my life experiences easier and better to deal with. Your calm nature is superseded by your willingness to help and make a difference in your community”.

During the early morning hours of December 28, 2005, Communications personnel were working a traffic accident in the southbound lanes of Interstate 25 at Mile Marker 161 when Emergency Service Dispatcher I Nina Bissey received a citizen traffic complaint. The caller reported a small compact vehicle traveling in excess of 100 M.P.H. after hitting a concrete barrier, northbound in the southbound lanes of Interstate 25 from Mile Marker 151.

As a result of their immediate notifications, Tri Lakes Battalion Chief Max Mabry stated “I truly believe that my crew would have been injured by the vehicle had they not been warned and been able to block the scene with their other engine”, “I believe that the actions of your team saved their lives”.

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