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Salary and Benefits:


The El Paso County Sheriff's Office places a strong emphasis on ensuring that all of its personnel are provided with competitive compensation, benefits and retirement. The following salaries are currently effective for each designation:

Monthly Salary
  Deputy Designee (during Training Academy)
  Deputy III (upon graduation from Training Academy)
  Deputy II (after one year of service)
  Deputy I (after two years of service)
  Senior Deputy (after five years of service)


As a vital partner in El Paso County's success, we offer a comprehensive employee benefits package with many choices for greater flexibility. Here is a brief summary of the benefit plans available to El Paso County employees. In general, if you elect benefits for you and any eligible dependents, coverage begins on the first day of the month following one month of employment.

Health Insurance (Medical & Dental):

In 2004, El Paso County became Self-Insured in order to save money due to the rising costs of health insurance, worker’s compensation, civil liability, and liability for official vehicles. Through self insurance it is possible for El Paso County to protect against high-frequency low-severity losses. It involves the setting aside of funds by an organization to meet anticipated expenses or claims, and the accumulation of a fund to absorb fluctuations in the amount of expenses and claims. The funds set aside or accumulated are used to provide benefits directly instead of purchasing coverage from an insurance carrier. To do this through an insurance company would mean having to pay a premium that includes loadings for the company's general expenses, cost of putting the policy on the books, acquisition expenses, premium taxes, and contingencies.

El Paso County offers health insurance administered through Cofinity. The County and the employee share the cost of the family health insurance. The County pays the employee's premium of the low option health insurance plan.

See the El Paso County Employee Benefits & Medical Services website for more information.

El Paso County Employee Benefits & Medical Services Website.

Medical Plan Summary:

Cofinity Provider Directories are available on-line at https://www.cofinity.net/EPCDirectory/ELPASOCOUNTYDIRECTORY.pdf.

Life Insurance:

The County pays a basic premium for the employee and their dependents. Additional coverage is optional.

Worker's Compensation - Self Insured:

All employees are entitled to worker's compensation administered through the County. This coverage provides protection for an employee absent from work due to a job-related injury or illness. There is no cost to the employee for this protection.

Retirement Plan:

All full-time employees are required to participate in the El Paso County Retirement Plan. The cost of the plan is 6.5% of the employee's gross monthly salary on a pre-tax basis. The County will match their contributions and the employee becomes vested after five years. This plan is in addition to Social Security benefits.

On The Job Training - VA Benefits:

All deputy sheriffs participate in on-the-job training for the first year of employment. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office OJT Program is recognized by the Veteran's Administration for payment of educational benefits to qualified veterans.

Short-Term Disability:

All employees are required to contribute $5.00 per check toward STD coverage. Refer to the County website for more information.

Long-Term Disability:

Following a 180 day period of total disability, El Paso County will pay 60% of the employee's monthly earnings up to a maximum monthly benefit of $2,500.00. There are no premiums paid by the employee for this benefit.

Vacation, Sick, and Holiday Leave:

Vacation Leave:

  Years of Service   Vacation Accrual
Less than five years of continuous service 8 hours per month up to 96 hours per year
At least 5 years but less than 10 years of continuous service 12 hours per month up to 144 hours per year
At least 10 years but less than 15 years of continuous service 14 hours per month up to 168 hours per year
15 or more years of continuous service 16 hours per month up to 192 hours per year

Sick Leave:

  Years of Service   Sick Leave Accrual
Less than five years of continuous service 8 hours per month up to 96 hours per year
5 or more years of continuous service 10 hours per month up to 120 hours per year

Holiday Leave:

112 hours or 14 days per year

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