Court Services

General Information

Located in the El Paso County courthouse the Court Services Section is part of the Detention Operations Division and is divided into the Court Unit and the Transport Unit. This section is responsible to ensure the public’s safety by providing security in 44 court rooms, moving inmates to and from court in a safe, secure, and timely manner and arresting and processing remands in accordance with prescribed directives and applicable laws. Further, to provide safe and secure vehicular transportation for inmates to and from court, between local detention facilities, State Hospital, Department of Corrections facilities and other law enforcement jurisdictions throughout the state and as directed by the courts.

Transport Unit

The Transport Unit is comprised of 1 Sergeant, 13 Sworn Deputies, and 1 Civilian support personnel.

The Transport Unit is responsible for the transport of inmates from the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) to the El Paso County Courthouse. The Transport Unit is additionally responsible for the transport of individuals throughout the State of Colorado. These transports include trips to the Department of Corrections facilities as well as any individuals arrested by other Counties on El Paso County Warrants. The Transport Unit is also responsible for transport of inmates to scheduled medical appointments outside the CJC facility.

Court Unit

The Court Unit is comprised of 1 Sergeant, 37 Sworn Deputies, and 2 Civilian support personnel.

The Court Unit escorts all incarcerated individuals to court for their scheduled appearances. From initial Advisements to Motions to Trials and finally Sentencing the Court Unit insures that the inmates are in the proper court at all designated times. The Court Unit provides transport for all juvenile inmates from Spring Creek Detention Center to the appropriate juvenile courts. They ensure courtroom safety for court staff, the general public and the incarcerated individuals. The Court Unit is responsible for arrest and processing of any individual with an active warrant or one that is remanded into the custody of the Sheriff at the direction of the Courts, this includes juveniles.

The Court Services Section keeps very involved in Community Partnerships and Fund Raising Efforts. Some of the organizations that the Section actively participated in were the Colorado Special Olympics and the Komen Cancer Society. Court services personnel conducted tours of the Court House for Schools, Civic organizations and continue our tradition of professional and dedication to the Community of El Paso County.

Transport Statistics

Total Amount of Transports between CJC and the Court House

Total Trips 4,312
Total Inmates Transported 32,037
Arrests from Warrants in Colorado Adult 675
Arrests from Warrants in Colorado Juvenile 55
Amount of trips for Writ Transports from State And Federal Detention Facilities 1,172
Total number of Inmates transported on Writs 2,165
Transports to the State Hospital 145
Medical Transports 207
Annual Court Unit Statistics for 2011
Amount of Inmates escorted into Court: District 12,973
County 5,792
Number of Courts Scheduled for Year
District 2,277
County 2,279
Juveniles transported to the CJC 4
Individuals arrested at the Court House and Transported to CJC 2,420
Total Amount Adults 2,254
Total Amount Juvenile 258
Total Amount of Warrants Served 1,730
Total Amount of Domestic Violence Hearings 1,418