Inmate Programs

General Information

Inmate Programs operate within the Support Division of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Detention Bureau.

A portion of the Inmate Programs section is responsible for providing educational, religious and therapy oriented programs to the inmate population. Attendance in programs is voluntary and available to most inmates upon written request at no charge.  The Criminal Justice Center (CJC) provides a multitude of programs to incarcerated inmates in an ongoing effort to give them the opportunity to earn an education and resolve personal growth issues.  Below are just a few of the programs that are offered to our General Population inmates.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • A.A. Step Study
  • Drug, Alcoholic and Addictive Behavior
  • Anger Management
  • Al-Anon
  • G.E.D. Preparation and Testing
  • Thinking for a Change
  • Music Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Shakespeare
  • Special Needs Programs
  • VA Assistance Program
  • Rescue Mission  and Stout Street Presentations
  • Yoga, Zen, and Meditation
  • Religious Programs:  Protestant Church, Catholic Church, Mormon Church, Pentecostal Church, Jehovah's Witness Study, Discipleship Evangelism, Bible Study, Celebrate Recovery, Victory Walk, LDS Family Values Class and Catholic Inquiry Class. Some religious studies are offered in English, Spanish or Sign Language.

Many of the programs are offered to the inmates by means of volunteers. It is through the dedication and commitment of these citizens whereby inmates incarcerated in the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center are afforded the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of programs. There are approximately 120 volunteers generously giving of their time and expertise to meet the needs and expectations of the inmate population. Without their perpetual support, we would be unable to provide these valuable services to our inmate population. The Sheriff's Office is also very fortunate to have available to the inmates and staff a very dedicated Chaplain's Corps. These men and women offer both spiritual and emotional support to the inmate population. The mixture of many different religions and beliefs enhances the effectiveness and success of the Chaplain's Corps.

The Programs Section supervises inmate mail, religious diets, law library attendance, program attendance, library services and court ordered compliance. There are two Law Libraries available at CJC for those inmates who are pro se or contemplating filing civil action. A variety of library books are available to the inmates for their reading pleasure.  Books are donated to the facility from the Pikes Peak Public Library, and several religious organizations.

The Sheriff's Office is committed to providing programs to the inmates that will benefit all who participate. The ultimate goal of our programs is to educate and instill positive lifestyle options to those inmates returning to the community. We believe inmates, given the opportunity to better themselves will be less likely to re-offend and will return to the community as productive and law-abiding citizens.