Peace Officer Memorial 2007Peace Officer Memorial 2013Mounted Unit
Peace Officer Memorial 2007Peace Officer Memorial 2013Mounted Unit

Mounted Unit

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit is assigned to the Special Operations Section of the Patrol Division. The purpose of the Mounted Unit is to act as a community oriented and problem-solving unit.  The Mounted Unit serves as the primary responders for the Farm Animal Response Team. This Team responds to and investigates complaints of animal abuse involving farm animals and livestock. If an abuse case is discovered and additional resources are required to fully investigate and document the case the Mounted Unit solicits the assistance of the Investigations Division. 

The Mounted Unit is comprised of two full-time deputies.  While the Mounted Unit is authorized six Office-owned horses, the number usually fluctuates between three and six, as older horses are retired and new horses are acquired and evaluated for suitability.  There are currently eight auxiliary Mounted Unit members who attend monthly training and deploy with the Mounted Unit in support of many community events and exercises.  Some of the auxiliary Mounted Unit members utilize their personally-owned horses which they provide and care for, while others use one of the Office-owned horses when available.  The Mounted Unit is often used to provide crowd control, patrol County Parks, patrol districts within the County which border rural areas and other inaccessible areas or mountainous terrain.

The Mounted Unit is widely accepted and often applauded by the public.  When you see the Mounted Unit, you are encouraged to approach them, speak to the deputies and meet the horses.  Mounted Unit members are always eager to meet members of the community and show off their mounts.  We are confident you will enjoy the interaction.

The Sheriff’s Office is very interested in hearing your input as it relates to how the Mounted Unit is deployed.  If you have any questions about the Mounted Unit or would like information about where you can see the Mounted Unit deployed, please contact Sergeant Bob Donels through the phone directory on this page.