Support Division

General Information

The Detention Support Division consists of the Standards and Compliance and Inmate Services Sections.

The Standards and Compliance Section is composed of the American Correctional Association and the Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation Units. This section consists of sworn and civilian personnel who review the proofs of compliance documentation for detention and law enforcement standards and ensure the Sheriff’s Office remains in compliance. Other support functions under The Standards and Compliance Section include Laundry, Supply and Inspection Control. These dedicated employees are tasked with providing laundry services to the inmate population, maintaining needed supplies and conducting inspections of the Criminal Justice Center.

The Inmate Services Section is composed of civilian and sworn personnel who are responsible for the coordination of inmate programs such as: Alcoholics Anonymous, yoga, anger management, basic math, bible study, G.E.D., veteran services, Gateways through the Rockies and the Reintegration and Recovery Program, to name a few. Through these programs, our goal is to return inmates to the community as productive, law abiding citizens.

Assigning a security classification (maximum, medium, low medium, etc.) to each inmate booked into the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) is a function of the Inmate Classification Unit, operating within the Inmate Services Section.  A multitude of factors are considered, including the safety of the inmate and others when determining an inmate's classification and placement within the facility as well as into our various inmate programs.

The Detention Investigations Team (DIT) and Hearing Board Deputy are integral components of this Section. The DIT conducts investigations of criminal activity perpetrated by inmates while in custody. They also continuously assist outside agencies with investigations involving currently incarcerated subjects. The Hearing Board Deputy presides over cases involving administrative rule violations and makes decisions regarding administrative sanctions against inmates.

The Detention Support Division Commander also has oversight of contracted services such as food service and the medical provider. Our on-site contracted medical provider is capable of performing most medical and dental procedures.  When inmates require more extensive or intricate care, they are transported to an appropriate medical facility.  These inmates remain under the direct supervision of a deputy sheriff.      

The accreditation process offers the opportunity to evaluate operations against national standards, remedy deficiencies, and upgrade the quality of correctional and law enforcement programs and services.