Research and Development

General Information

The three person team which makes up the Research and Development Section (R & D) has many responsibilities and serves all areas of the Office.  As the name implies, they conduct special research projects as directed and help in the development of short and long term goals and track the documentation for each. 

Research and Development always plays a significant role in the planning and execution of large Sheriff’s Office events, such as the Annual Awards Banquet.  Internal and external publications are produced by the R & D team; these publications are of top quality and are a great resource of information on current and past events within the Office and are distributed through mailings and offered digitally. 

R & D assists the Director of Information in many areas, one of the most visible being the management and use of the Sheriff’s Office website and social media channels to share information. Additionally, they are often the “go to” team when any special multi-media requests surface within the Office of the Sheriff.